Music Is Fun!

Music Classes for Retirement/
Assisted Living Communities

Music is good for everyone, and it has amazing benefits for older individuals.

Some of the benefits of active music classes include

Active music participation can reduce stress

When seniors listen to music, it can help in lessening the stress and anxiety they are feeling. It can be very helpful in reducing the stress hormone cortisol and in normalizing the heart rate.

Music can inspire movement

Active Music Classes encourage seniors to move. With music, they can dance, clap, or tap their toes. With the use of different musical instruments everyone in the class can participate.

Music activities can Increase social interaction

Music brings people together. This is one of the best ways music can help older people make connections

Music can help to improve verbal communication skills

Communicating for some seniors can be difficult. There are many times when singing rather than speaking is much easier and they can express themselves.

Music helps balance mood and emotional state

Music can help to affect mood. Being involved in an active music class can help to change someone’s attitude if someone is having a hard day. Music can boost emotions into the positive zone!

Music can help manage physical pain and discomfort

Music can help in managing physical pain and discomfort. One of the most common ways is using the active music class as a distraction.

Music can improve memory

Memory loss is a common concern among older adults, and research has shown that music can have a positive impact on memory and cognitive function in this population.

Music Is Fun!

Music can evoke strong emotions, such as happiness, sadness, excitement, and more. Listening to a favorite song can bring back fond memories and make you feel good.

Active Music Classes:  In these 40-minute active music classes we will sing, play instruments, use adapted props for movement activities, listen, connect, and have fun.

Ball/Cardio Drumming: In this active, fun, and engaging 30 min. class community members will play on large exercise/yoga balls that are placed on a laundry basket/bucket.  Favorite music of community members can be used as well as favorites of mine.  I will provide the drumsticks and the community will provide balls and buckets.  Class size is limited to the number of balls and buckets.

Intergenerational Music Classes: In these 40-minute active music classes we will sing, play instruments, use adapted props for movement activities, listen, connect, have fun with each other and invite younger children to participate. Intergenerational Music-making benefits the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive well-being of children and older people.  It also promotes the development of social relationships and interactions that lead to the dissolution of stereotypes of the young and old.  

Pricing for Residential/Assisted Living Communities

Pam Felber, Ziggity Zag Music LLC is an experienced Music Educator with experience in Residential/Assisted Living Communities.  While traveling for a year with the international organization, Up With People, she visited over 50 retirement/assisted living communities all over the world.  At each community, a program of music and dance was presented followed by time to get to know community members.  While teaching, Pam brought children to perform in different elderly communities where the objective was not only to sing, but to also interact.  Between 2010 and 2018, Pam’s parents lived in an assisted living community where she was a frequent visitor.  Pam is not a Music Therapist but has always had a great interest in reading and learning from case studies and professional development opportunities in the field.

Active Music Classes

(40 min.)

Ball/Cardio Drumming Classes

(30 min. Class)

Intergenerational Music Classes

(40 min.)

Pam Felber, Ziggity Zag Music LLC is fully insured, NH Licensed Music Educator, and will bring all the instruments and props for class except for Yoga/Exercise Balls and basket/buckets.  Recent background check and references are available upon request.

Classes are 40 or 30 minutes in length depending on the class, with a 10-minute flex time between classes.

Active Music Class Size

15-25 adults  

Ball/Cardio Drumming

Depends on the number of Balls and Baskets provided by Community.

Intergenerational Class Size

Up to 20 adults and 8 children or some variation of the two.

Classes schedule

Classes meet monthly or multiple times per month

The option to meet 3 or 4 times per month is possible.

Support: Staff attend classes with community members when necessary.

Teachers and/or parent attends with children/child for Intergenerational Class

Space for Music:  An indoor space will be used for music classes allowing open space for movement activities.

Instruments/Props/Speaker: Will be provided by Ziggity Zag Music LLC

Never wonder if the class will happen!  I will arrive at least 15 minutes before each class begins.

*Community Music Sharing Event presented by Community Members and/or children*

*Ziggity Zag Performance by Pam*

Highly engaging, fun, age appropriate, participatory performance for your community Day or Night. Performance Length: 45 minutes.